We're passionate about design. We'll work to your specification, seamlessly integrating your website into your existing branding so that you don't have to worry about a thing.

We'll work with you to help you create the strongest design possible for your brand.

With years of design experience, we'll work with your existing branding, your logos and colour schemes, to bring you eye-catching design that's just right for your business.

We can also create a design to your exact specification, if you're looking for something a little different, we can accomodate anything.

Your imagination is the limit.


You don't have to worry about optimising your website for Google, we can do that for you. We optimise your content to the highest standard, helping to give you the ranking you deserve.

We want to make sure that your brand gets the exposure and attention it deserves, so we'll dedicate our time to optimising your content for search engines to get the right information

With your site optimised for search engines, you are more likely to receive traffic as they can find what they need from your content.

This, combined with our design and maintenance work, will ensure your website is a strong foundation for your company's public image.


Whether it's making sure you've got the latest software on your web server or making sure that your content's all fully up to date and optimised, DreamHazard has you covered in every aspect.

We want to make sure that your technology is all up to date, which means that we'll always be on hand with the latest software updates, meaning that your site runs as smoothly as possible.

We'll also cover your content updates, should you need it, keeping on top of the latest news from your company and making sure that all of your information is kept fully up to date. You won't need to worry if you change your phone number, or a member of staff is unavailable, just tell us what to update and we'll do it for you.

Why Choose DreamHazard?

Personal, human service

You can have a conversation with the person who will be handling your website, ensuring your needs are properly understood.

Intelligent, interactive service

We'll talk through everything that you need before starting the process, and we'll inform you of any updates as and when the information becomes available.

Unique, innovative service

If you don't know what you're looking for, we'll talk you through the possibilities, free of charge, to make sure that you get exactly what your business needs

24/7 support

If anything goes wrong, at any time, you're free to drop us an email, or if the matter is urgent, someone will be available to take a phonecall at any time, day or night.